Recipes for Relief is...

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meez is a digital recipe tool designed by and built for professional chefs to transform recipe content into an interactive database.

Ideate & record

Brainstorm ideas and add notes, create new recipes, and easily transfer your spreadsheets, docs, and scans to meez.


Organize & search

Build and organize your database of content with recipe books and menus. Use keyword search to find what you need instantly.


Collaborate & share

Grant view and edit permissions to your team members, publish edits and comments, and manage multiple versions of recipes.


Train & execute

Keep your team up-to-date with your explicit vision. Every team member can view, scale, and convert recipes simultaneously.

Are you a chef, mixologist, or other culinary professional?
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*Due to the ongoing threat of Covid-19, the meez team has postponed our public launch and set up a brand new initiative, 'Recipes for Relief', to provide immediate financial relief to chefs and food businesses forced to shutter their establishments. 'Recipes for Relief' is an online marketplace where you can purchase interactive recipes from your favorite chefs and restaurants.