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Pineapple Bourbon Milk Punch

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Peter Vasconcellos
The Penrose owes a great debt to a prominent Meez/recipes for relief mixologist, Eamon Rockey, for popularizing and publishing his findings in making milk punch. Many ham-fisted attempts at making creamy and delicate clarified cocktails led us finally to this one, Penrose's Bourbon Milk Punch. It's like drinking a magic trick. Reading the ingredients you would never expect the clear slightly viscous cocktail sitting in front of you. And the recipe's proportions would leave most people expecting an unbalanced punch of flavors right to the gullet. But the milk curds work their magic when combined with the acid. The booze is stripped of much of its color - clarified - and in doing so many of the rough edges and harsh tannins are stripped away too. What's left is silky and creamy with balanced acidity and integrated flavors.
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