Thank you for your interest in ‘Recipes for Relief’ powered by meez, an online marketplace built for chefs and mixologists to offer recipes to the public at a 'pay what you want price' to help support their businesses and organizations

100% of proceeds go back you or your organization(s) of choice!

Through the marketplace, each chef will have a dedicated page that includes:

  • Your bio and picture
  • A quote from you about how you are dealing with the COVID crisis
  • Links to your restaurant/business, social channels, and any charities, farmers, or purveyors you’d like to support
  • An option for customers to donate directly to you, your business or charity
  • Your individual recipes for sale + an All Access Pass to purchase access to every recipe you post over the next few months for R4R
  • Multiple 'pay-what-you want' prices that customers can choose from (with a minimum price)

If you are a chef or mixologist and would like to participate, submit your recipes through the link below.

Make sure to include video and pictures. Your recipes will be uploaded to the meez app which enables interactive recipe demos along with your ingredients and prep steps. If you have insta-stories that turned out great, you can send those along too. And the content is live and updatable so you can continue to make tweaks and even answer questions from customers if you want to.

See how cooks at home will view your recipes here.

Our team will upload your content to the meez app for the time being if you are not already a meez beta user. You can learn how to add your content directly into the meez app by joining the beta.  Go to for more details